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The CXO 2.0 Conference is an electrifying convergence of international business luminaries—from CEOs to advisors and senior leaders—all working together to drive advancements in their respective industries. Delve into the heart of leadership mastery, professional advancement, and pioneering business growth as we offer tailored sessions, dedicated tracks, and enlightening exchanges. Gain indispensable skills and insights for navigating the ever-changing business terrain. This isn't just a conference; it's a catalyst for visionary leadership and game-changing strategies that fuel business expansion.

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  • 300+

    Industry Leaders

    The CXO 2.0 Conference will unite top-tier innovators and trendsetters to enhance managerial aptitudes, self-improvement, corporate progression, and beyond.

  • 40+

    Remarkable Sessions

    Expect inclusive conversations, presentations, and additional activities addressing topics that will help you take your business to the next level.

  • 50+


    Gain insights into the evolving landscape of business development, leadership skills, personal growth, and professional advancement from renowned founders, innovators, and disruptors.

Attendees At-A-Glance


Who Attends


Engage with fellow transformative executives who have reshaped their respective sectors. Broaden your understanding, create connections, and share thoughts with leaders like you, while also gaining invaluable guidance from your peers.

Who Attends

Board Members

With years of expertise, esteemed board members synonymous with leadership in their respective entities, provide an uncompromising pledge to fostering progress. They inspire with their trailblazing mindsets, and vast expertise, serving as beacons for future game-changers across the globe.

Who Attends

Managing Directors/Vice Presidents

As the leading figures of their respective organizations, the managing directors who attend our event have an unwavering commitment to driving growth. With their innovative thinking, and extensive experience, they serve as an inspiration for aspiring innovators everywhere.

Who Attends

Human Resources

In attendance will be prominent HR professionals, who bring an expertise in managing the backbone of any successful business — its people. With their keen eye for talent and knowledge of modern HR practices, we are sure to gain some incredible insights and culture-elevating strategies.

Who Attends

Fortune 500 Organizations

Prepare to be inspired as Fortune 500 companies converge at the CXO 2.0 Conference. These industry titans represent the crème de la crème of global corporate success, providing an unmissable opportunity to network and learn from the best in the business world.

Who Attends


Unlock unparalleled investment opportunities as top-tier industry leaders across diverse sectors share their exclusive insights. Seize the chance to gain unmatchable wisdom from managerial trailblazers, empowering investors to make informed decisions and maximize their financial success.

Who Attends


Discover the secret sauce to managerial and organizational success with actionable insights from influential leadership coaches and managerial consultants at our professional development conference. Unlock the key skills that can propel you to the top of the management ladder.

Who Attends

Team Lead/Managers

Our business development conference will attract professionals who are instrumental in ensuring their teams are aligned with company goals. As they look for career advancement opportunities, we are eager to hear their insights!

Who Attends


Unleash your ideas and products to a worldwide audience, gain insights into your competitor's strategies, and dive into cutting-edge advancements in marketing! Seize the opportunity to promote, innovate, and stay ahead in today's global marketplace.


Coming to the cities of Las Vegas and Dubai in 2024, the CXO 2.0 Conference opens myriad growth opportunities in leadership and business development.

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Gain Next-Level Insights

Dive into meticulously selected sessions, fuelled by thought-provoking content from industry pioneers, to supercharge your business.

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Build Winning Alliances

Strategically collaborate with influential figures and skyrocket your brand's recognition on the world stage.

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Grab The Limelight

Stand out and shine at the CXO 2.0 Conference! If you are a torchbearer of change in your industry, you might be honored on its global platform.


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A Top-Tier Experience Awaits You

CXOs are about to light up Las Vegas and Dubai with their intellectual firepower and visionary ideas. It’s where the latest innovations are set to emerge, as decision makers unite to map out strategies that will shape the future. This epic convergence will provide a platform for networking and learning from each other, giving rise to cutting-edge trends and trailblazing success stories. Let’s see where these conversations take us!

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Here’s a quick preview of what’s in store for you at GRECONF Dubai, 2022.


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We take pride in hosting some of the most recognized real estate and construction companies at the first edition of GRECONF.

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Behold the brands that will be exhibiting their ideas at our upcoming edition.

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